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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h10 (1343))
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Behind you

Be aware of your Surroundings, so deep in the Woods.
(Joleii, pic#875A6243)


What's this ... can i eat it?
(Joleii, pic#875A6244)

Waiting for some Prey

*sighs* Hopefully i get a Reward after waiting in the Grass this long.
(Joleii, pic#875A6245)

Does it look "Badass"?

Silly to pose here ... lets get some Food instead.
(Joleii, pic#875A6249)

A Snake

*strikes* stay away from me.
(Joleii, pic#875A6250)

You or me

Nature's Law.
(Joleii, pic#875A6253)


Hopfully the Snake will follow the Detour.
(Joleii, pic#875A6254)

Curious Snakes

Wanted to examine this metal Thing.
(Joleii, pic#875A6257)

Attack from Behind

What was that noise?
(Joleii, pic#875A6259)

You loose!

I think i've won.
(Joleii, pic#875A6261)

Snakes desire

What a big one i've found there ... but why does it hiss?
(Joleii, pic#875A6263)