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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h45 (1744))
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Hope you don't bite
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6177)


If you bite i'll make you stop.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6183)

Some Weight to Carry

Could anybody help to get them off me?
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6186)

Tails ...

are actually not thaaaat tasty ...
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6187)

They spread

they are faster than we thought.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6192)

Fursuit Photoshoot EF21

Fursuit Photoshoot at EF21
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6193)


Finally we were victorious.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6196)

No Waste

Wake the leftovers with us. We could make a Soup.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6197)


Pose with fallen Attackers.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6199)


Who's there?
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6201)

Oh ... Look.

The Color of this Thing fits perfect to your Fur.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6204)

Found another one

Search for another one ... we can make something new from it.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6206)

Lets Hunt.

Hopefully we catch something.
(Booly, pic#875A6210)


Theres is something on the Ground.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6211)

Look at this Beauty

Found her in the Grass.
(Teeko, Venatura, Booly, pic#875A6216)