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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 17h00 (6702))
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It's the new fashion around these woods!
(Hyro, pic#875A8576)

I see you!

And you have a nice little "X" on your forehead!
(Hyro, pic#875A8579)

Getting ready

Ready to look for the target.
(Hyro, pic#875A8582)


What's the meaning of this strange, yellow sign?
(Hyro, pic#875A8585)


Is it edible? Is it friendly? Or is it dangerous?
(Hyro, pic#875A8588)

There's more...

...and it doesn't seem to be dangerous.
(Hyro, pic#875A8589)


I'm going to cut my way through here...
(Hyro, pic#875A8594)


Stay very, very quiet. Maybe it'll go away.
(Hyro, pic#875A8597)


There's lots of these things around, but what was it? Almost looks like a vein of that stone...
(Hyro, pic#875A8600)


Must have been either a religious or a fertility symbol.
(Hyro, pic#875A8603)