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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h30 (6106))
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Who are you? Do I know you?
(Cabs, pic#875A8511)


...on a mushroom no less!
(Cabs, pic#875A8513)

Portrait 1

Yes, I'm here... in the middle of the woods.
(Dax Black, pic#875A8515)

Don't mess with me!

Seriously! Don't cross my path!
(Dax Black, pic#875A8518)

Getting ready

Weapon checked and ready to go!
(Shay Comet, pic#875A8521)

Geared up

...and ready to join the posse!
(Shilo, pic#875A8527)


Great as fashion accessories!
(Tehan, pic#875A8529)

The group 1

Sticking together, come war or ducks!
(Shilo, Tehan, Cabs, Shay Comet, Dax Black, pic#875A8532)


We got the duck home in one piece!
(Shilo, Tehan, Cabs, Shay Comet, Dax Black, pic#875A8535)

Oh no!

The duck talked! Let's show how we deal with squeakers... err.. squealers.
(Shilo, Tehan, Cabs, Shay Comet, Dax Black, pic#875A8537)