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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 19h30 (4371))
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...enjoying it. Yes.
(Dexter, pic#875A7921)


What's that?! Duck!
(Dexter, pic#875A7923)


Just striking a pose in the forest.
(Dexter, pic#875A7925)

Getting ready

The enemy is somewhere over there.
(Dexter, pic#875A7927)

Take cover

I'm ready for you, whoever you are!
(Dexter, pic#875A7930)


Where'd that thing come from?!
(Dexter, pic#875A7934)

Get out!

You can't hide in a green bush!
(Dexter, pic#875A7937)


It hisses! Get something to club it with!
(Dexter, pic#875A7938)

Take that!

And that, and another one!
(Dexter, pic#875A7942)

All set?

Checking up on your gear is vital.
(Dexter, pic#875A7943)


I think I heard something over there!
(Dexter, pic#875A7946)

Come out

...with your paws up!
(Dexter, pic#875A7950)