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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 18h00 (4630))
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Just over there!
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7802)

Ready, aim...

Fire! What are we looking at, by the way?
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7803)


Sword against double axes... who will win?
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7804)

Take cover!

Someone is coming! Quick, hide!
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7806)


See? Swords are better than axes!
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7807)


Oh mighty mushroom...
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7808)

Getting ready!

Always go into combat with your buddy!
(Coco, HungryWulfy, pic#875A7809)