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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 15h45 (3873))
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Umm... hi?

Am I doing this right?
(Ári, pic#875A7666)

Over where?

I can't see anything...
(Ári, pic#875A7668)

Clear shot!

I got a shot! Should I take it?
(Ári, pic#875A7670)

The group 1

We'll take care of that duck. Promise!
(Ári, Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7672)


See? The duck is served!
(Ári, Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7674)


You touch my duck and I'll cook your goose!
(Ári, Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7676)


Where'd they come from?
(Ári, Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7678)


Poke them, that'll show them!
(Ári, Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7681)


We are ready when you are!
(Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7687)


Gnhihihi! That tickles!
(Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7688)


Come here you!
(Rave Fox, Silent Ravyn, pic#875A7690)