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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Two Friends

In the Woods its better to be not alone.
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6082)

Hug you

How cute they are.
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6083)


What exactly are we waiting fir?
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6085)

Prepare for Battle

JK. Just for Training.
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6087)

Hold Still

That will be an easy Cut.
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6093)

Holy Mushroom

Will i grow now?
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6094)

Gimme a Slice

That looks too tasty.
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6097)

Strange Things

Look what i've found ... what the heck is that?
(akitaboy, Draco Agamicus, pic#875A6098)