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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Who goes there?
(PainFree, Toothie, Ratze, pic#875A6775)


That sword commands respect
(PainFree, Toothie, Ratze, pic#875A6776)

Looks what we found

Looks like some old human rubish
(PainFree, Toothie, pic#875A6777)


...are mandatory
(Toothie, Ratze, pic#875A6780)

Do you see me?

Hard to miss the orange
(Toothie, pic#875A6783)

A flower

What could it mean?
(Toothie, Ratze, pic#875A6784)

Hug for a mushroom

They have feelings too!
(Toothie, pic#875A6791)