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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Scythes are so old fashioned

So the grim reaper decided to upgrade
(Breynz, Sykes, pic#875A6717)

Mine is bigger

There is no kill like overkill
(Breynz, Sykes, pic#875A6718)

Lady and gentleman

Going for a stroll trough the forest
(Breynz, Sykes, pic#875A6720)

A kiss for the lady

How a gentleman treats a lady
(Breynz, Sykes, pic#875A6722)

His days are numbered

Seems this is a zombie apocalypse
(Breynz, Sykes, Forfaox, pic#875A6723)

Is he dead

We have to check to make sure
(Breynz, Sykes, Forfaox, pic#875A6725)


While the fox is distracted by the mushroom
(Breynz, Sykes, Forfaox, pic#875A6726)

Oh no!

We got him trapped! Quick! Get his valuables!
(Breynz, Sykes, Forfaox, pic#875A6727)

We are of to see the wizard

Only missing a yellow brick road
(Breynz, Sykes, Forfaox, pic#875A6728)