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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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The group

Yo, we are here!
(Skycat, Smaug, Naxus, pic#875A8337)

Hands up!

Hand over all your valuables!
(Skycat, pic#875A8341)

Fight 1

Let's take this out with axes and traffic signs!
(Skycat, Smaug, Naxus, pic#875A8347)


Steady, hold it...
(Skycat, Smaug, Naxus, pic#875A8352)

Giddy up!

I think there's a severe lack of elevator...
(Skycat, Smaug, Naxus, pic#875A8357)

To the left!

Can you actually steer like that?
(Skycat, Smaug, Naxus, pic#875A8358)


D'awwww! Shmoopy!
(Skycat, Naxus, pic#875A8364)