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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Friend or Foe?

Warm to the Touch. I hope it stays that calm.
(Skadi, pic#875A6266)

A swift Attack

And your Foe was no more.
(Skadi, pic#875A6268)

Sneak to Victory

This will be a viable Meal.
(Skadi, pic#875A6270)

Final Blow

This is my Mushroom!
(Skadi, pic#875A6272)


They go beautifully with my snake.
(Skadi, pic#875A6275)


I see you over there!
(Skadi, pic#875A6277)


Tasty sign is tasty!
(Skadi, pic#875A6283)

Working most construction workers.
(Skadi, pic#875A6284)


...the future and past. Also maybe lunch.
(Skadi, pic#875A6289)


With fur this bright, you gotta use all you have.
(Skadi, pic#875A6292)

Get out!

Get out of my territory!
(Wawa, Skadi, pic#875A6310)

En garde!

I got you now!
(Wawa, Skadi, pic#875A6312)


We shall rule this forest together!
(Wawa, Skadi, pic#875A6313)