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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Hi there!

Well, hello there! Fancy seeing you here!
(Shadow Everlost, pic#875A8429)


Kill it! Kill it now!
(Shadow Everlost, Funky Stripes, pic#875A8432)


Who goes there?
(Shadow Everlost, pic#875A8436)

Teaming up!

Getting ready to fend off those pesky tribes!
(Shadow Everlost, pic#875A8438)


Take this red flower as a token for a rose...
(Shadow Everlost, Funky Stripes, pic#875A8448)


Oh, look! it's almost a rose!
(Shadow Everlost, Funky Stripes, pic#875A8450)

Watch it!

They are attacking now!
(Shadow Everlost, pic#875A8453)


...point to... nowhere really. We have no idea what these scribbles mean.
(Shadow Everlost, Funky Stripes, pic#875A8456)