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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Watch for the snake

Although the blue one just wants to cuddle
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6746)

Look what I found...

It's a snake!
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6749)

I will free you

This looks rather dangerous tough
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6751)


A good sniper needs a good spotter
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6752)

Swords and Axes

My the best win
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6754)

Dragon wins

Might still be a tie tough
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6755)

Round two

This is it
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6758)

Two for one

and for one for two
(Runo, Saracleth, pic#875A6760)