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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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The group 3

...and a monster too!
(Seti, Aki, Raffe, Rakurim, Amurtigress, Pazuzu, pic#875A8767)

The group 4

Yay! Here we are!
(Seti, Aki, Wamblee, Lilika, GeTe, Felix, Raffe, Kitain, Amurtigress, Pazuzu, pic#875A8768)

Welcome... our little part of this forest!
(Amurtigress, Pazuzu, pic#875A8779)


We got you cornered!
(Seti, Rakurim, Amurtigress, Pazuzu, pic#875A8781)

Hugs 2

The only way to defeat monsters is to hug them... well, maybe only some of them
(Seti, Rakurim, Amurtigress, Pazuzu, pic#875A8784)