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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Hammer time!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7241)

Fight 1

I'm going to club you!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7243)

Fight 2

Hammer vs. sword?
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7244)

Fight 3

Getting ready for the next swing
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7246)

Fight 4

(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7248)

Fight 5

And here is where I strike back!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7251)


Let's end this, here and now!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7253)


It's over!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7256)

Let's finish it...

Aim for the heart!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7257)

It's all been a play

Thanks for watching our little charade!
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7261)

I see you!

And you have a funny "X" on your forehead!
(Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7266)


Peace offering.
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7271)


Would you be mine?
(Boardmaker, Masi-Anuk, pic#875A7275)