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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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That way

...although might be dangerous
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6692)

Looks at this cute

Why had it to be snakes!
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6695)

Nose beep

Because it is so cute
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6697)

Protectors of the forest

Defending it from the mushrooms
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6699)


What is the mushroom doing there?
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6701)

Two man team

Every sniper needs a good spotter
(Lysander, Eridian, pic#875A6703)

Improvising a dress

...although might need more cover
(Lysander, pic#875A6704)

A flower?

For me?
(Lysander, pic#875A6705)