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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Dont we start to argue about our Snakes?

who knows
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6127)


That pokes.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6129)


Stop that ... get behind me, it dangerous out there.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6133)


Right into a Taigers Brain.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6139)

I wonder ...

What those Things were used for ... but i like their Look.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6144)

Got Ya

Step out and dont make a false move.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6149)


Dont pull a Tigers Tail. Or you risk a scratched Face. ^^
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6152)

Just married

At least this reminds of an old Tradition.
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6155)

Take that ...

found it somewhere ... it smells nice.
(Lee Taiger, pic#875A6163)

Stray trough the Woods

Sunny day, the Woods and good Weather ... what could be better?
(Lee Taiger, pic#875A6169)

Only one Time

Cant we just get one time home without meethig those nasty Fellows?
(DeepDragon, Lee Taiger, pic#875A6175)