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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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What's all this?

What did I get myself into...?
(Kai, pic#875A7527)


Look at pretty little me!
(Kai, pic#875A7529)

The group 1

Yay! We finally found each other!
(Rez, Squeeky, Kai, pic#875A7531)

The group 2

That's how we roll...
(Rez, Squeeky, Kai, pic#875A7533)


Stylish and 100% biological.
(Rez, Squeeky, Kai, pic#875A7535)


Yes, over there!
(Rez, Squeeky, Kai, pic#875A7539)

The gang!

Getting ready to raid some unsuspecting tribe!
(Rez, Squeeky, Kai, pic#875A7542)