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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Sitting pretty

Behind blue eyes
(Jett, pic#875A6884)


Mushrooms need hugs too!
(Jett, pic#875A6887)


This husky seems to be
(Jett, pic#875A6891)


There goes another one
(Jett, pic#875A6895)

En garde

Although watch out for the cute!
(Jett, pic#875A6898)

The end

The mushroom has been defeated once more
(Jett, pic#875A6900)

Petting a snake

They need love as well!
(Jett, pic#875A6901)

Cuddled by snakes

Even the snakes can't resist the cute
(Jett, pic#875A6904)

That way?

Yes that way
(Jett, pic#875A6906)

To shoot or not to shoot

that is the question
(Jett, pic#875A6909)


it is a treasure!
(Jett, pic#875A6911)

Trough the trees

I can see you
(Jett, pic#875A6915)