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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Oh no! Where did you come from all the sudden, you startled me!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8487)


Don't you dare snap at me!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8489)


Is this how this ancient relic was used? Hmmm...
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8491)

Go forth!

...and conquer!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8495)

What a thicket

This forest is clearly in the need of a greenkeeper!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8497)

Cutting it

I'll get through this thicket!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8501)


Hey, aren't they cute?!
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8505)

What's in here?

Let's check...
(Giovanni Magnus, pic#875A8508)