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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Gearing up

Getting ready for combat
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8459)

I see you!

And you have a nice little "X" on your forehead!
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8460)


Yes, you! Duck, cover!
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8465)


The sight might be a bit of an overkill at that range, but hey...
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8468)


I'll get you! Just hold still for a bit!
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8470)

Even more snakes!

Is there a nest around here somewhere?
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8479)

Take cover!

Got one pet snake to keep me company on these long guard nights...
(Fuzzy Skunk, pic#875A8482)