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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Sneaking up

...un an unsuspecting teammate.
(Flashpaw, Rhys Shepherd, Kiyo, pic#875A8169)

Going up?

Watch out for birds!
(Flashpaw, Rhys Shepherd, Kiyo, pic#875A8170)

Hand it over!

Give me that mushroom! It's mine!
(Flashpaw, Rhys Shepherd, Kiyo, pic#875A8171)

Duck, duck, snake?

I might be wrong, but that's not how you play that game...
(Flashpaw, Rhys Shepherd, Kiyo, pic#875A8172)


Oh no! They overpowered him!
(Flashpaw, Rhys Shepherd, Kiyo, pic#875A8173)

New toy

Hey guys! Look at my new toy!
(Flashpaw, pic#875A8175)