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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Or rather what's left of it!
(Fishbones, Tylon, Secoh, pic#875A7166)

Aim... where his heart used to be.
(Fishbones, Tylon, pic#875A7169)

Hands up!

And put down that rifle!
(Fishbones, Tylon, pic#875A7172)


I think they like you!
(Fishbones, Tylon, pic#875A7175)

You want it?

Do you want the fish? Leftover from yesterday!
(Fishbones, Tylon, pic#875A7194)


Fish! I can still taste it!
(Fishbones, pic#875A7199)


Is that thing edible? No...
(Fishbones, Tylon, Secoh, pic#875A7209)

Come out!

Yes, you! Come out from under there!
(Fishbones, Tylon, Secoh, pic#875A7216)

Peeking in

What's going on over there?!
(Fishbones, Tylon, pic#875A7232)


Look! I found a cute red flower!
(Fishbones, pic#875A7235)