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Eurofurence 2015 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Get the duck!

Quick, I'll fend him off!
(Jumpy, SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7110)

Bad dog!

Though that penalty might be a bit harsh...
(Codydog, pic#875A7112)


With snakes!
(Jumpy, SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7116)


Ready to defent our little hangout!
(Jumpy, SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7128)

Guard duty

Boring... but necessary.
(Codydog, pic#875A7135)

Where are my binoculars?

Well, just pretend and hope the commander doesn't notice I've lost them.
(SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7139)


No! Darn hemlet! I don't like you!
(SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7145)


And you thought I was your friend all along!
(Jumpy, SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7149)


Uh-oh... It seems I've been ambushed!
(SGKia, Codydog, pic#875A7159)

Got you too!

The duck decoy worked!
(Jumpy, Codydog, pic#875A7162)