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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h10 (2766))
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I can haz snack?

Look, I even brought my own!
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1254)


Let's sneak up on these unsuspecting commuters!
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1258)

Waiting for the bus

Yep. I'm sure, eventually there will be service around here.
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1262)


Ummm... help please?
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1268)


I got a clear shot! Should I take it?!
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1270)


Not sure if the fish was stabbed or suffocated...
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1276)

Where am I?

...and where's that crim scene again?
(Cosmo, pic#4A6A1278)