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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 17h45 (2424))
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The group

We are here!
(Sunshine, Klaatu, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A0994)


Umm.. how'd that happen?
(Sunshine, Klaatu, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1001)


You said what? Take that back!
(Sunshine, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1007)

Stop it!

...or I will!
(Sunshine, Klaatu, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1009)

Too late!

Oh no! It always ends in someone being dead!
(Sunshine, pic#4A6A1015)

Let's solve this

Yep, it's a knife. Make a note of that!
(Sunshine, Klaatu, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1018)


Look out!
(Klaatu, pic#4A6A1024)


You have the right to have a headache... soon.
(Klaatu, Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1030)

Where am I?

I don't think I'm at the right spot?
(Sunshine, pic#4A6A1035)


...just news. Where's the weather forecast?!
(Sunshine, pic#4A6A1044)


I have a gun and I don't know how to use it... but that doesn't stop me!
(Fuzzy Ferretti, pic#4A6A1046)