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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h20 (1422))
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Still waiting or the bus...
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0090)

Nope... bus in sight anywhere.
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0095)

Oh! Evidence!

Taking a close look at a bullet casing...
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0098)

Look into my eye!

Taking a VERY close look at the bullet casing!
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0101)

What's this?

Blood? Paint?
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0103)


Stop right there!
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0104)

Yes, you!

Stop right there, or I'll shoot!
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0106)

Waiting for the bus?

Hi there! I don't know what's wrong, but there wasn't a single bus here for ages!
(FluffyDog, pic#4A6A0089)