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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h10 (1288))
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CSI at work

Looking for clues left and right.
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0067)

CSI just looking cool

Why not strike a pose while the camera is around?
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0068)


Uh-oh... somebody brought the knives!
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0070)

Close combat

This doesn't bode well!
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0075)

Friends again?

But hey, it was all just pretend. Friends again!
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0077)

Yes, friends!

Hugs make everything better.
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0079)

Looking cute!

(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0083)

Ups and downs

Sitting... I think your're doing it wrong.
(Milkyway, Samtino, pic#4A6A0085)