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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 12h00 (1465))
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Come join me?

Waiting for the bus too?
(Leela, pic#4A6A0045)


You want hugs? Really? I don't know...
(Leela, pic#4A6A0049)

No, cuddles!

Oh, come here! How can one say no to such a cute puppy?
(Leela, pic#4A6A0051)


Just relaxing and looking cute.
(Leela, pic#4A6A0054)


Oh, there you are!
(Leela, pic#4A6A0057)

Still see me?

I can still see you from back here... do you see me too?
(Leela, pic#4A6A0058)

Ain't I cute?

Come on, say it! Yes, that is the cute pose!
(Leela, pic#4A6A0060)

Pose? Sure!

...and this pose for the more serious look.
(Leela, pic#4A6A0063)


Come on... PLAY! I even brought my own chew toy!
(Leela, pic#4A6A0066)