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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 20h02 (9017))
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Oh, hi there!

Rotarr finds herself in urban surrounding!
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5331)

A bench?

Let's examine that thing a bit more closely!
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5333)

Ooooohh! Blood!

(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5336)

How do I get to...

...the next tasty pile of leftovers?
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5337)

Spy Fly!

...although the eye holes *could* be a tad bit more inconspicuous.
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5340)

Gotta go!

Businesses fly is on the run! Did she miss her bus?
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5343)

Let's have a closer look...

Big, bigger, biggest eyes ever!
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5348)

Artsy Fly!

Rotarr in the process of producing awesome art... of sorts.
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5350)

Prop to scale

Finally, a prop to fit the scale!
(Rotarr, pic#4A6A5352)