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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 19h40 (6291))
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I'm here! Hug me!
(Arco, pic#4A6A5233)


Oh, all the walking...
(Arco, pic#4A6A5236)


Help please?
(Arco, pic#4A6A5243)

Oh no!

Another victim of the local street gangs!
(Arco, pic#4A6A5245)

Closer shot

Closer shot of the previous one: Another victim of the local street gangs!
(Arco, pic#4A6A5246)

Close up

Shocking pictures of the recent escalation in street fights! Film at 11!
(Arco, pic#4A6A5248)

Where is...

That big "X"? Can't find any hint here...
(Arco, pic#4A6A5250)

Overe there?

Maybe it's over there? But these maps aren't much use... where's GPS when you need it?
(Arco, pic#4A6A5256)