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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 15h45 (5571))
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The group!

Hello! It's us!
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4387)


:3 - and ò.ó
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4393)

You're next!

You didn't see a thing, got it?!
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4398)

See no evil...

...hear no evil, speak no evil.
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4400)


Would you mind? Get your own paper!
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4404)


That knife must have something to do with the murder.
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4408)

Looking closer... you! Where were you yesterday, five years ago?
(Manick, Gixxer, Whitek, pic#4A6A4410)