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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 14h00 (3523))
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Let's start!

I am here! That's all that counts!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1974)

Strike a pose!

Look at dear little me!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1981)

Walk like...

Walk like an Egyptian!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1983)

Pose again

Why who else would you look at?
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1985)

It's me!

Welcome to Berlin!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1988)

Ready to fly

Getting ready to fly off.
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A1989)

Thak you!

That's it for my solo performance! I love you!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A2000)


"whisperwhisper" ... "No! You don't say!" ... *smooch*
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A2008)


Close snuggles.
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A2010)

Special hugs

Hold me closer!
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A2014)

Posing together

Let#s enjoy each other's company.
(Bast Miriam, Gabriel, pic#4A6A2020)