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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 13h20 (3316))
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Now you're going to get it!
(Freddypanda, Weremoco, pic#4A6A1830)

Don't run! can't escape!
(Freddypanda, Weremoco, pic#4A6A1838)


Here I am! Where's the convention?
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1844)


No... that doesn't quite look like the hotel.
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1847)


Let's get comfortable first...
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1848)


And wrapped up in crime(tape) again...
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1860)

Oh no!

Somebody got in too deep with the local syndicate!
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1865)

Where is it?

Where is that hotel again?
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1869)

And where am I?!

I think, I'm lost now.
(Freddypanda, pic#4A6A1876)