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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 12h20 (3789))
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I have arrived!
(Cassius, pic#4A6A1572)


Hey, it's a bench... Oh you wanted a seat too?
(Cassius, pic#4A6A1574)

See? Berlin!

We'll have a nice tour!
(Lopoka, pic#4A6A1575)


Ummm... Help please?
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1584)

Your Money!

Give it to me!
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1588)

Told you!

Yuo should have just handed over your wallet!
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1597)

Chop chop!

Getting rid of the body... in broad daylight.
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1600)

Oh no!

He wasn't quite dead after all!
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1609)


NOW try to shoot!
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1615)


Not sure if that counts as an evening with some clubbing....
(Cassius, Lopoka, pic#4A6A1622)