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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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I can haz rides!

Wiggle sitting on Repi...
(Repi, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0133)


Wiggle and Repi, nosebeeping.
(Repi, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0137)


Who could resist?
(Repi, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0138)

Coy doggy

Hugs and a very coy looking Wiggle...
(Repi, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0139)

They killed Repi!

Commence investigation!
(Zero, Repi, Trey Bluefire, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0141)


Something's not right here!
(Zero, Repi, Trey Bluefire, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0145)


Don't go away!
(Repi, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0148)

The crew

The entire crew, huddled together.
(Zero, Repi, Trey Bluefire, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0158)

The lineup

Lining up behind the bench.
(Zero, Repi, Trey Bluefire, Wiggle, pic#4A6A0159)

File #1599: Wiggle

Suspect: Wiggle File #1599 Known accomplices: Repi, Trey Bluefire, Zero "height": "200", "width": "131" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Eurofurence", "logo": { "@type": "imageObject", "url": "" } }, "mainEntityOfPage": "true", "datePublished": "2014-09-12", "dateModified": "2014-09-12", "description": "Suspect: Wiggle File #1599 Known accomplices: Repi, Trey Bluefire, Zero" }