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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Lounging #1

Hi there! It's me!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3492)

Lounging #2

Still getting comfortable!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3498)

All your money!

(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3507)

I'm not kidding!

...still, cutest looking knife attack ever!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3509)

Don't cross me!

Cut that out! Or I'll do it for you!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3516)


What was I supposed to write down again?
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3520)

Oh no!

I can't look!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3531)

Snip snip

Do you still need that report?
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3534)

All play

How does this thing work?
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3537)


It's dear little me!
(Vell Sabrecat, pic#4A6A3543)

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