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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Nothing to see!

Move along!
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1473)

I'll be back!

Really! Don't you believe me?
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1480)

Lookin' cool

Still got it!
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1483)


Come here! It won't hurt... long.
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1489)


Just ignore the knives!
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1494)


You're doin' it wrong.
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1496)

I'm armed

Flintsone like, but nevertheless!
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1502)


No! That's not a solution!
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1505)

Taking notes

Pretending to write stuff down. Yep.
(SWIP, pic#4A6A1510)

Hi there!

Meeting a friend.
(SWIP, Kimu, pic#4A6A1512)

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