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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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The group

We are here. Ready to do... whatever!
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2667)

Watch out!

Stop! Put down the knife or I shoot!
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2672)

Something's wrong...

Hey, guys! The manual says to put this tape around the scene, not the victim!
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2685)

Silly hat

Or media player advertisement.
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2698)


(Kiyo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2703)

We are here!

No, we are THERE!
(Kiyo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2713)

The group #2

I'll just rest here... fluffy belly!
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2721)

The group #3

Oh, let me try! Fluffy bed!
(Mirrow, Kiyo, Rioo, Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2731)


Let's start with the basics. What is a map?
(Rhys Shepherd, pic#4A6A2753)

File #4681: Rhys Shepherd

Suspect: Rhys Shepherd File #4681 Known accomplices: Kiyo, Mirrow, Rioo "height": "200", "width": "131" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Eurofurence", "logo": { "@type": "imageObject", "url": "" } }, "mainEntityOfPage": "true", "datePublished": "2014-09-12", "dateModified": "2014-09-12", "description": "Suspect: Rhys Shepherd File #4681 Known accomplices: Kiyo, Mirrow, Rioo" }