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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Cozy snuggles

Let's wait for the bus together!
(Ray, Burcis, pic#4A6A2462)

Lookin' cute!

Hello over there!
(Ray, Burcis, pic#4A6A2468)

Oh! It's you!

Well, fancy meeting you here!
(Ray, Burcis, pic#4A6A2470)


Give back my case!
(Ray, Burcis, pic#4A6A2471)


Better make a note of the suspected cause of death here...
(Ray, Burcis, pic#4A6A2478)


Better start running!
(Ray, pic#4A6A2491)

Gonna ride

We are gonna catch us some crooks!
(Burcis, Ray, pic#_MG_7180)