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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Don't come any closer or I'll pounce!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2136)


Are you talkn' to me?
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2142)


Should I sit here for longer? Or go and find dinner?
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2149)

Where's that bus?

I've been waiting here for three days!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2152)

Over there?

I think I see something... let's shed some light on it.
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2157)

Scribbles #1

Yep, there's evidence around. Better make a note of the details!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2161)

Scribbles #2

But where's the connection... hmmm....
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2166)

Like a glove.

Finally, a decent sized pen!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#4A6A2169)


(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#_MG_7282)

I said: Give!

Come on, don't just stand there!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#_MG_7286)


Check out my ride!
(Nom Nom Crunch, pic#_MG_7288)