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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Strike a pose!
(Nienna, pic#4A6A3405)


Hello there!
(Nienna, pic#4A6A3412)

Who are you?

...and where did you come from?
(Nienna, Happy, pic#4A6A3418)

You and me?

Make some pictures together?
(Nienna, Happy, pic#4A6A3425)

Are you sure?

I'm not entirely certain...
(Nienna, Happy, pic#4A6A3464)


I think we are more over here!
(Nienna, Happy, pic#4A6A3470)

What happened?

Bullet casings and glow sticks? Hmmmm....
(Nienna, Happy, pic#4A6A3475)

File #4989: Nienna

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