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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Oh, people!

Oh! So many people out there!
(Mira, pic#4A6A5050)


Oh no!
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5086)


Just needs some processing...
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5090)

Overe here?

Are you sure?
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5096)

Over there!

No, I'm sure it's over there.
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5099)

That way!

That way! Umm... which one of the four directions?
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5103)


Nope. No idea.
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5105)


Hey! TAXI! The bus hasn't been around in ages... better signal for a cab!
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5107)


How'd we end up in this mess?
(Bostitch, Sasha, Mira, Aurin, pic#4A6A5115)

File #6058: Mira

Suspect: Mira File #6058 Known accomplices: Aurin, Bostitch, Sasha "height": "200", "width": "131" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Eurofurence", "logo": { "@type": "imageObject", "url": "" } }, "mainEntityOfPage": "true", "datePublished": "2014-09-12", "dateModified": "2014-09-12", "description": "Suspect: Mira File #6058 Known accomplices: Aurin, Bostitch, Sasha" }