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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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No bus?

No problem! I got time!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2777)

Over there?

I think I can hear an engine over there!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2787)


Home alone? Me? AHHHH!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2790)

Come here!

I'll be sure to make your death fun! For me at least!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2795)


Left or right hand!?
(Lars, pic#4A6A2796)

Taking care

Taking care of oral hygene. Street style!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2798)

Look into my eye!

Deeper... deeper... you're getting sleepy!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2808)


It's just a quick snip!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2817)


Uh-oh... wait! Don't use that scissors! At least until I have left the room!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2822)

I'll show you

...the way home. It's over there!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2826)

Does it work?

Is this thing on? OK... let's check the gun next!
(Lars, pic#4A6A2833)

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