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Eurofurence 2014 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Waiting for the bus

Just siting there...
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0108)


He said what???
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0110)


Just hanging out here.
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0112)

Yo! #2

Just hanging out here - closer shot.
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0113)


Weren't we supposed to sit on the bench?
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0116)

Oh no!

Who shot the chicken?
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0122)


They hurt our friend! Someone is going to pay!
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0123)

Hold still!

Oh, and by the way: do you still need that ear?
(Venzio, Kirubu, pic#4A6A0130)